GoDaddy hosting issue

I've had 2 techs at GoDaddy set up my account but my domain still isn't pointing to my webapp. for the Type they put 'A' and under the Type category and my web app under the Name category. I've waited days and my site isn't live. Is it possible there's an issue on my end?

It sounds like the setup is the wrong way around. The type should be "CNAME", the name should be "www" (assuming that your site is at and the value should be the string from the "Web" page.

Thank you Giles. I've had 3 techs at GoDaddy fail thus far. I will give it a shot in the morning and provide feedback.

OK -- if it still isn't working after the latest iteration, send us a screenshot of the DNS config page and we'll be able to tell you what is wrong.