How to read image from url to numpy array with free account

Hey everyone! Is there any way to read an image from url and get the numpy array? I'm using a free account so I think I can't use this f.e:

response = requests.get("myUrl")
img =

Because it's a request to a not whitelist site. Can I do this by using an api? If yes which one?

Thank you in advance

If there's an api you want to use send us feedback with a link to the api docs and we'll consider it for inclusion. Otherwise, our whitelist is here so you can see if there's one you want to use.

Thanks I will tell you soon

I want to send requests to . Their API is already whitelisted but I can't received the photo I uploaded using the API

If it's on the whitelist then it may not be the the whitelist that is causing the problem. Look at the response you're getting back so you can start to understand what the actual issue is.

No its only I want