Console unresponsive in vim

I was editing one of my python files via vim and it stopped responding to anything (cntrl c, esc, :q!, etc). Now I can't even exit the console so I have to use the other one. I am on the free system so I only get two. How can I either kill this console or get it to work again? I don't know if I'm allowed to post the console id or whatever here so the admins can look into it/kill it internally

Something to note is that I accidentally hit ctrl S to save out of habit when this happened. this hsan't really been an issue in the the past though

Control-S is a special control code in all consoles -- if it's not overridden, it means "stop sending output". It's actually quite useful when something's scrolling lots of output and you want to pause it, but it's super-confusing if you type it accidentally :-)

If you hit control-Q it will unlock it.

That did it! Thanks!

I was unaware of that actually, good to know though! I was wondering how to read log files and stuff I do for class that goes by so quickly and now I know! :P