Can't access URL with my paid account

Hi, I'm aiming to acces the OddsPortal website to scrape odds for statistical anlysis purposes. This is very important to me so I decide to upgrade my account to a paid version. Unfortunately, I can't access their Website when using PA. I've tested my script locally and everything is doing well. Here is some piece of my code :

from pyvirtualdisplay import Display
import time
from selenium import webdriver
with Display():
        driver = webdriver.Firefox()
         time. sleep(5)

On the screenshot, I can see that Firefox is unable to load the webpage saying that the connection has timed out ! I Start feeling disappointed ;( ! odds_portal

Are you using a new console to run the code after your upgrade?

I've imported my code in a ".py" file. I just click on the file and click on the "run this code" button. Have I answered your question ?

Ah- try killing that that console from the consoles tab on PythonAnywhere before hitting the "run this code" button again. Alternatively, you can kill the console from the console itself by hitting ctrl+d