Can't update my credit card details when I'm abroad ;(

Please don't freeze our account.

I have this message:

We can't set up payments We haven't been able to set up a subscription for your account — you have not been charged anything.

Due to EU regulations, we are required to confirm the location of our EU customers, in order to charge the correct VAT rate. Basically, the country of your IP address has to match the one for your credit card/PayPal billing address, if either of them is in the EU.

Your payment country code was: FR Your IP address country code was: GB Tip: VPN tools can make it look like your IP address is in a different country to the one where you actually are... If you're using one of those, try upgrading again with it switched off — we only check the IP address while you're setting up the payments, so you can switch it back on again once the upgrade is completed.

If you think this kind of regulation, which inhibits free trade and movement within the EU, is a terrible idea, we agree with you 100%! Write to your MEP; you can get their details here.

OK -- I've made a note against your account to not downgrade it without getting in touch first. The system will re-try to collect payments five days after the original due date, and again five days after that, but we always have a human involved in the final downgrade, so you'll be fine :-)

Thank you!

No problem :-)