Web dev account -- can I have two domains "" and ""

Sorry, I don't know the exact terminology for the domains ending in

I'm not really interested in buying my own domains but I'm curious whether I can pick my own name for a domain ending in such as "".

The Web dev Account allows two web apps, it looks like the first app can be hosted in ""

Is it possible for the second web app to be accessible in ""? (a custom name that is a subdomain of

Unfortunately not -- websites of the form (technically, subdomains of are reserved to users with the corresponding usernames. We are considering adding on support for websites like where ZZZZZ is a number; perhaps a useful extension of that would be to support things like, and so on?

Would support for these subdomains (or sub-subdomains like be available in the near future? If not, I'll go look for a domain elsewhere and use for the second app.

Probably not in the near future, no. The option will probably come quite soon, but I guess that's less useful if you want URLs you can pass on to other people!