error backup database mysql

Hi people, I have a error when I try to do a backup from my data base, I do according to documentation is pythonanywhere, but I got syntax error: consola mysql

Somebody .. can help me? ... to know what I am wrong

Thanks, sorry for my english

That's in a mysql shell. The instructions you're using say that you need to do it in a Bash console.

I run de same command into bash console, and I got this error:

mysqldump: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'encargodomicilios'@'' (using password: YES) when trying to connect


Make sure you're using the correct username, database name and password. The first 2 are shown on your Databases tab and the last is the password you originally set for your database and not your account login password.

I change de password and it store in .my.conf. In a bash console, I don't should type password because the password it is readed from .my.conf file. Then ... still, I have not been able to make a copy of the database. Question: pythonAnywhare have line soport? ... I dont see ...


I got to make backup my database, thanks. I sure be using the correct username.

Ah, right, that would be it -- because you have a long username, your MySQL username will be a truncated version of it. MySQL (at least the version we have) only supports 16-character usernames.