should PA add status of hosting?

should PA add status of hosting?

same as today, the hosting is downtime.. what happened?

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The problem today was caused by major trouble with AWS. If we'd had a status page, that would have been down, too :(

We are going to have a serious look at our architecture to make it resilient against this sort of thing in future.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

This status page was helpful over at Amazon:

BTW are the instances located nearest to the user? For example, us-east or even Ireland :-)

It's hard to tell from one's IP address, since it usually resolves to Seattle, WA 98144, United States at 47.5839004516602,-122.299499511719 which is a placeholder for Amazon generally.

When a site is down and it has some kind of twitter presence that's usually the first place I check to figure out what is going on. Yesterday was kinda obvious though because heroku was down as well and they depend on aws for a large part of their infrastructure.

Instances are currently all located in the US. Where the bulk of users are. We've run experiments and having instances geographically closer to you makes a huge difference in console latency. So Some Point in the Near Futureā„¢ we would like to detect your location and send you to the closest cluster...

What about letting us choose our cluster? I ask, because what if someone is developing in one location, but planning to serve end users in another. If we have the option to choose where our instances fact being able to run each instance where we choose on demand would be nifty, then we can optimize whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Just like Resolver Systems is in Europe and most of the PA clients are in the US, we may determine it would be better if a given process runs in a different geography from the geography of the one launching the script.

That's a fair point. I guess ideally we'd have your consoles running somewhere close to you for responsiveness for you and your website running where you want it to for responsiveness for your users.

Yeah, that's what I tried to say...:) Thanks giles!