bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found

bloem@conrad-liveconsole2:~$ mkvirtualenv django2 --python=/usr/bin/python3.6 bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found

I have these files: .bashrc .gitconfig .profile .vimrc README.txt and checked extra the .bashrc file. But installing virtualenv is not working. Hope you can help.

Should i first do : pip install virtualenv?

It's already installed. Did you remove the line at the end of .bashrc that says

source &> /dev/null

That's the line that enables mkvirtualenv

No, it is in there.

I see you contacted us earlier over email, mentioning that you'd accidentally deleted some files, and we advised you to create a new .bashrc with the appropriate contents. Is the console that you're working in one that you created after you'd added the new .bashrc? The changes to that file only take effect in new consoles.

Oke, that is the tric. It is working now. Thank you.

works also for me. Thank you