ImportError: No module named googleapiclient

I'm trying to play with Google API to access my Google Drive content. In my python code when I do

import googleapiclient

I got an error:

ImportError:No module named googleapiclient

The library "google-api-python-client" should come already installed in PAW, am I right? Any suggestion?

Strange. It is installed for all Python versions, but it appears that it cannot be imported in Python 2.7. Try using one of the Python 3s, instead.

Pardon my ignorance: how do I run a Python 3 instead of the standard 2.7 ? I'm just editing a python file in the PAW edit section with the integrated editor and then I push the ">>> RUN" button that gives me a Python 2.7 console.

OK, googling in this forum I found the answer: to run a python 3 script you should add this as very first line: