Upgrade web2py

Hi, you're currently using version 2.14.6 of 2016 for a new web2py Web application. They've just released version 2.17.1, and you can directly upgrade to the latest version using the web2py admin page (+ reload of the Web app). Could you kindly update your default version?

Also, since Python 3 is officially working and supported since last year's version, can you change the default Python version used to 3.6? If ever needed, an advanced user can always change the Python's version used as described here

Thank you, Nico

Well, I've just found that using Python 3.5 you get visualization problems with the upper buttons and menus. Maybe we should fix this before changing the default Python version ...


We're working on that at the moment.

Hi, I've made some more tests, the visualization problem is already reported here. And it affects any supported Pyhon version, so it's not a PA problem ;-)

I think it's better to wait for the next web2py release.


Sounds wise -- and thanks for letting us know that web2py is now working with Python 3, I think we'd missed that!