error 500

Good afternoon. I successfully deployed my site on Later I added some changes and had got error of 500. I had removed this changes but now there is an error of 500. After a few hours of finding a bad error, I decided to write. Can you help me??? THANK YOU!!!

Look in your error and server logs for tracebacks that you can use to start debugging.

I had looked this logs but I didn't understand anything from thoose. Can you look in this logs.

login - pyrigok password - 1592648732648q THANK YOU!!!
Or I can roll back the project to the latest working version???

DO NOT post your password in the forums! EVER!

I have checked you account and it looks like the email address has not been changed, so I've set your password to a random string. In order to login again, you will need to reset your password using the "Forgotten password?" link on the login page. DO NOT re-use the password that you published to the world in the post above.