security - privacy policy - subdomains

Hi, we are a Canadian company and I have some questions:

  • do you have strong security features for data we store in our database for internal use? have you had successful hacks and attacks before?

  • do you abide by laws in Europe? your data usage and privacy policy come from there? What happens to Canadian regulations?

  • when we transfer our domain to you, can we have subdomains to host different web apps? is it possible to host a Python -based app in one and a WordPress on other?

Thank you

  • We take security very seriously and we have not had any successful hacks or attacks.
  • Yes, we are based in Europe, so we follow the regulations here. Check our terms and conditions and our privacy policy against Canadian law, if you are concerned about that. Those documents are our agreement with you.
  • You cannot transfer a domain to us. We do not do domain hosting. We only do the web hosting. If you have an account that has a number of web apps enabled, you can use any subdomain that you own to route to your web app. We do not do Wordpress.