Connecting Godaddy domain to Pythonanywhere

Hi there. Can someone help in connecting my own domain from Godaddy connected to my webapp?

My webapp is, CNAME = webapp-XXXXX.pythonanywhere and brought my domain at Godaddy( I already setup my Godaddy CNAME setup. Host: www Points to: webapp-XXXX.pythonanywhere TTL:1 hour

I have tried following instructions from the links below but still was not able to connect to my own domain.

Appreciate your assistance in advance.

There's not really any information in your post that we can use to identify the issue that's specific to you. The most common cause of confusion with CNAMEs is that it takes time for the DNS system to update. Another source of issues is that users set up a CNAME for and have a web app at

I a facing the same issue with godaddy. There are two fields, first is host & other is cname. I tried www in host field but it failed. Then i tried with, and waited for an hour to reflect dns in both the cases. M still struggling with it

I use Godaddy for one of my domains on PA. I have a CNAME record with:

WWW in host

webapp-XXXXX.pythonanywhere in points-to

1 hour in TTL

I also have a CNAME record with:

_domainconnect in host in points-to

1 hour in TTL

My setup works,

I have had a lot of problems getting stuff to work with Godaddy before though, especially e-mail. I don't know why exactly but the way their web forms are done is weirdly different from all the others I have used in a way the bends my brain.

@nverse thanks for posting that! Always good to have a record of a working configuration in a thread like this :-)

@pnmhatre -- do you get anywhere if you use something like the CNAME record that @nverse mentions? You need "www" in the "host", and the "" value from the "Web" page in the "points to" column. TTL can be 1 hour, or even as low as 300 seconds.

If you still can't get it working, send us a screenshot of the GoDaddy control panel page over

In case anyone is still reading this - I am also setting up a custom domain in godaddy and have a question:

In my new domain, there was already a CNAME entry with host=www, points to = @. I have my web app name, so I assume I update the existing CNAME entry to host=www, points to = I tried adding a new CNAME with host = www but that returns an error, presumably because you are only allowed each host one time only. Is that correct?

Yes, you cannot have the same name pointing to 2 different places. You need to replace the @ entry with the CNAME that is listed on your web app configuration page.

Cheers, thanks Glenn, with a bit of trial and error I got there but it's good to see it confirmed.

Glad to hear you got there in the end. As a bit of background, "@" in a name/host or value/points-to in your DNS settings means the "naked" domain. So:

  • If you have a CNAME with name "www" and value "@", that means "the IP address for is the same as the one for without the www".
  • If, alternatively, you had an A record with name "@" and the value "" then that would mean "the IP address for (without the www) is".

If you're interested in a bit of background as to how this all works, we did a DNS primer blog post a while back.

put cname as provided on web tab on and host as www. delete other cname. done!

when I put my domain name in the browser the coming soon: pythonanywhere page comes up. Does that mean my web app is correctly linked to my domain name

If you're getting a coming soon page, your DNS is correctly set up, but you do not have a web app at the domain.

i have 2 cnames first : www as host and points to second : _domainconnect as host as points to but when i run my site as it gives me an error and shows page is not private

If you're getting a message that page is not private, it's either because you're accessing it over http or because you're accessing it over https and have not configured a certificate for it. You can configure all of that under the Security heading on your web app config page.

I have 2 cnames. One with host = www and points_to = The other CNAME has host = _domainconnect and pointsto = I get the following warning in the web tab in PA

Your domain's current CNAME is Check this help page for more information about how to set it up correctly.

What am I doing wrong?

Seems like you also posted here


I have the same issue... I purchased a domain from GoDaddy and pointed my PythonAnywhere (PA) webapp to it. PA says "We were unable to find a CNAME for your domain" right below "How to point your domain at your website."

I entered above CNAME and @ for the points to value, it's been two days.... Trying to go to my website takes a really long time to try to load, then shows me "site cannot be reached took to long connection timed out" (paraphrased).

Meanwhile, if I reload my webapp in PA, I get the following error:

"There is a problem with your domain name configuration. Take a look at the DNS setup section below for details. Be aware that DNS changes can take some time to propagate across the internet. The exact time they take will depend on your domain configuration, but it could be as long as a day."

How do I tell when the site should be live? I need it up as it hosts a web tool for my work.

Thank you.

hi there- Is this for your custom site? It doesn't seem like you have the cname setup correctly. Check these GoDaddy instructions to make sure you have it setup.

You can check if your cname is setup correctly here.

If correct, you should see the following record:

 Type: CNAME
 Domain Name:
 Cannonical Name:

Note the www on the domain name.

Great, I got it configured as you stated. Now I'm getting an error that the server "" cannot be found.

I think you emailed us about this, too, so this is just for completeness to say that it looks like the site is working now :-)

I tried the instructions and its working.I point my default CNAME www to When i enter my domain name in the browser as its working , but when i tried without 'www' its giving me error.What should i do?

This help page explains how to do that.

Someone has a printscreen of the goddady configuration ?

We don't, but if you're having problems with yours, just send a screenshot of what you've set up to with a message asking for help fixing it, and we'll take a look.

Having an issue setting up my Godaddy dns.

I have it set up as CNAME HOST: www POINTS TO: My domain name on Godaddy is

When I set it up on the website should I enter it as or as

When i enter my domain on the browser it shows The Coming soon. Python anywhere website? What am i doing wrong.

I see you asked about this over email as well, and have answered there. For anyone else with similar problems, the answer to this:

When I set it up on the website should I enter it as or as

How much time does it actually take to set up it.I pointed my custom domain to Cname given in webconfig.even though my web app not updating and displaying same message your cname pointed to

How long it takes to update will depend on the TTL that you had set when you made the change. Also check your DNS config to make sure that your CNAME is not, in fact, pointing at the address that the web tab is saying it's pointing to.

Godaddy issue here: I'm trying to set my site as a naked domain and ideally a redirection for traffic typing to

I tried adding a new CNAME with "www" as host and pa-webapp in "points-to", and got the following error:

So i tried modifying the existing CNAME (that was originally named "www" and pointing to "@") and got an error as it's not accepting "@" as host.

So I contacted goDaddy to check if anything was wrong and their answer was "get the hostname from PA"...

I read this awesome explanation written by you guys but couldn't really apply it with their page.

So now my question: How can I set-up my webapp on my naked domain and make a permanent redirect to because with the actual config:

My naked domain sends to a "DOMAIN FOR SALE" page, and I can't make a redirection as its starting point is and not the naked one.

Please help

Looks like your www cname works. To handle naked domain you need to follow our other help page

Thanks for the quick answer! Unfortunately, this page doesn’t answer it, I can make a redirection from to elsewhere but not vice versa.

How to make the redirection the other way around?

Your web app is set up correctly. Now you need to use some external service, eg. NakedSSL to redirect naked domain to your site. It won't work the other way on PythonAnywhere.

finally made it, thanks a lot!!! You guys ROCK! \m/

Glad you sorted it out!