how to fix "your console is printing so much" error

I got the following error when I ran a query on MYSQL - "Your console is printing so much that it's interfering with other users, so it has been closed Console closed."

When I ran show table status;, this is the result I got costtool_prices | InnoDB | 10 | Compact | 35360 | 326 | 11550720 | 0 | 3670016 | 41943 04 | 172008 | 2018-04-08 20:39:50 | NULL | NULL | utf8_general_ci | NULL

Can you please let me know why this is happening and how best to fix it?

If your query outputs so much that it causes the console to close, then the output is unlikely to be very useful to you. Limit your selection to a reasonable number of rows and you will not cause the problem.