Unable to install a package using apt-get

Hi, i know that this problem has been posted many times and all the responses state that apt and sudo aren't available, but it doesn't say anything else, i think they depend on the pre-installed packages.

anyway i'm trying to install firefox because it's a dependency i need for selenium. so any help?

Edit: firefox is installed, but i still want to know what if i need to install a package

Unfortunately you can't install packages with apt on PythonAnywhere. If it's a generally-useful package that you need, let us know and we'll see if we can get it into a future system update.

(You can, of course, install Python packages using pip -- details here.)

Do you have any replacement of sudo or apt-get ?

No, we don't

Can you guys include libjansson-dev in next update. Thanks


Can you add doppler to the CLI for secrets management?

Will make a note of that