why could not be found when starting a new project mygit, then it shows "bash: command not found"

Two things to double check- were you running this within a virtual env? And or were you running this locally (not on PythonAnywhere)?

I am running it in the provided bash console, so it should be in PythonAnyWhere?

ah oops- have you done a pip3.6 install --user pythonanywhere?

I did.

It't working now. I am not sure what's going on, something downed for 10 hours around in the server part?

Hi, i have the same problem and try to solve it, but i can't: - this is command that i execute after pip3.6 insltall --user pythonanywhere, and here is what i see: bash: command not found.

My bash console looks as AVpythonanywhere@green-liveconsole4:~$ , but not long time ago it was otherwise, i dont know why, perhaps the problem is in this case ... I'll be pleased any help, thanks in advance!

Can you double check if your pip3.6 install --user pythonanywhere command executed successfully? eg: just try running it again and pay attention to any errors? Then run the pa_autoconfigure again

Thank's for the answer, i've executed the command pip3.6 install --user pythonanywhere again, output was like Successfully installed pythonanywhere-0.8.2

Next:, and there is the same output like previously: bash: command not found

Did you delete some configuration files from your PythonAnywhere homedir? eg: the bashrc? In it, it adds ~/.local/bin to the PATH variable. Without that, your shell would not be able to find the ~/.local/bin/ file. If you want to remove the standard bashrc/have your own bashrc, you can use the full path to call the command.

I've only started new project and there was following actions: I created api-token, next i executed commands that described higher, right now i haven't any files in the Files tab, but there are two directories .cache/ and .local/, i didn't delete anything from there.

Seems like maybe something you did wiped a bunch of files from your homedir. This has been repopulated, so you should be good to go for any new bash consoles that you start.

Am having the same problem, i wiped a bunch of files from my homedir. how do i retrieve them back.

I've re-created the default system files for your account, so if you start a fresh Bash console you should see the command again.


No problem.

Hello! Right now i have the same problem. Giles, could you do re-create default system files for me too? I've been a loong time trying set - up an app using django 3.0.3 with python 3.7 but i couldn't find the right way to do it.

I have tried with the custom app option but something went wrong. And right now i just erased my files for third time, because when i try use the command doesnt work.

I dont know how fix this. I have a project on github that i did and this is my first time trying this. I hope you could help me

Sorry for my english, im from uruguay

Sure, no problem -- I've re-created your default system files. As you deleted all of the local installs that you'd made, you can start a fresh Bash console and then

pip3.6 install --user pythonanywhere get the latest version of the script.

thanks !

Can you reset my system files for virtualenv, please

What do you mean?

Hello, could you re-create default system files for me? I have the same problem. Thank you so much!

@YuanzhiHe - That will delete all of the files that are currently in your account. Let us know if you'd like to go ahead with that.

I'm ok with that, please do it. Thank you.

OK -- that's done now.

Thank you so much Giles!

Hello, could you re-create default system files for me? I have the same problem. I'm ok with deleting all of the files that are currently in my account. Thank you so much!

Sure, no problem -- that's done now.

I really appreciate it.

I have this problem too command not found please help!!!

Hello, could you re-create default system files for me? I have the same problem. Please help :(

Do you have pythonanywhere package pip installed? Something like pip3.6 install --user pythonanywhere -U (use other pip for other python versions, do pip3.8 for the latest python?