Telegram keep forwarding an error

I'm kinda new in Telepot but I'm trying to learn something very basic. I am just trying to build up a pot that repeats what you just have said:

from flask import Flask, request

import telepot

import urllib3

proxy_url = "http://proxy.server:3128"

telepot.api._pools = {
    'default': urllib3.ProxyManager(proxy_url=proxy_url, num_pools=3, maxsize=10, retries=False, timeout=30),

telepot.api._onetime_pool_spec = (urllib3.ProxyManager, dict(proxy_url=proxy_url, num_pools=1, maxsize=1, retries=False, timeout=30))

TOKEN = 'xxxxxxxxxx'

secret = 'xxxxxxxxxx'

bot = telepot.Bot(TOKEN)

bot.setWebhook("{}".format(secret), max_connections=1)

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/{}'.format(secret), methods=["POST"])

def telegram_webhook():

    update = request.get_json()

    if "message" in update:

        msg = update["message"]

        if "text" in update:

            text = msg["text"]

            chat_id = msg["chat"]["id"]

            bot.sendMessage(chat_id, "You said '{}'".format(text))

    return "OK"

Someone try to send a sticker and now telegram keeps sending error messages ( KeyError: 'text' ), I thought that the ' if "text" in update ' was enough. How can I resolve this? How can I avoid this flow of errors in the future with something like try and except?

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because you are doing if "text" in update: instead of if "text" in msg:

Thank you very much !!!!