Console obscured by keyboard on iPad

There are a couple of messages on the forum that describe similar issues dating way back but none mentions this specific issue (as far as I've read). Opening PythonAnywhere on Safari on an iPad Mini 3 (iOS 11.3) displays a few lines of the console and, below that, an area for a bluetooth keyboard. The instruction on the screen says to tap the console to use the iPad keyboard, which is fine. However, the bottom of the console then seems to be hidden behind the iPad keyboard. The result is that commands in the top half of the console appear fine but when there are several lines of commands, the bottom ones are hidden behind the keyboard. Moving the console up with a finger reveals the lines of code but, almost immediately, the screen is refreshed and the bottom half of the colsole is again hidden. Any suggestions for a workaround?

It's strange that the mini does not behave like the large ipad. Is it just that there's not enough space on the screen?