PA is currently working on THIS new feature...

I'm sure PA developers have a lot to do and so I'd hate to give you yet another big thing to keep track of. So, I wouldn't ask you to expose your full list to us and the nightmare of keeping it current in a form that is allowed to go public, but what about the idea of just keeping the top three features or bugs you are expecting to be fixed next?

Or if you have 5 developer teams then maybe 5 or some other number is better for you than 3, but you get the idea. It doesn't add a lot to keep track of, but it will tell us something about what you are focusing on and give us something to look forward to besides what we currently have which is pretty much nothing but a black hole. It is nice that you give us messages telling us something is +1 on our behalf, but we all know that if something only has that one vote it may never get implemented. And that is fine, but at least knowing what is coming that we can look forward to tells us more than we have now.

Of course feel free to expose the entire list to us including how many votes each item has so we can see what is going on and how likely things are to ever happen, but I know that isn't likely to happen. So, please consider the idea of the top of the list for us.

Philosophically I think the problem with doing this is that we start doing feature driven development. You don't want us to turn into MS Office do you? Also when we start implementing a new feature we are usually in uncharted waters. Sometimes we work on a problem for a long time before realising that it actually involves fixing this other problem over here... Welcome to the spider pit! So for us to say "here are 3 features and they will be finished real soon now" might negatively impact the way we work and make us less awesome. Does that make sense?

Or to put another way: We honestly don't know whether something is going to be a "feature" until we've implemented it and tested the hell out of it to make sure it works. Making promises and then breaking promises is not what we want to do.

I should also add - We take every single bit of feedback very seriously. Nobody is shouting into a black hole.

I appreciate the response. In my OP I did try and only give the idea while leaving the implementation of the idea to what fits. I hope it goes w/o saying that I would NEVER wish to harm your awesomeness!! Without being an insider to your operation I really have nothing to add on how/what to do with this idea. I've planted the seed and it's up to you to see a way to either implement it or determine that it would not be a good idea.

Thank-you that you do hear each idea we have. As all consumers of services know...that is certainly rare these days!!