Some CSS classes not working!

Dear PythonAnywhere staff,

I am having a strange issue involving my live site -- some of the CSS that works when I run a local server is not functioning!

It is very oddly only involving a few CSS classes eg: to underline change font or center certain text.

The CSS files are the same, and the majority of the CSS is working on the site, but certain CSS classes do not seem to be loading if I check Dev Tools.

The site:

Eg: .Title --- centered titles are not centered on the online app (eg:

.underline --- I had a class to underline and make links black (to override bootstrap), I had to manually write this into the HTML to work because I could not get the CSS to populate, even with an important tag!

I am totally flummoxed by why only these few small things will not translate to my python anywhere site but will work on my local server! Thanks for any help if anyone has any ideas Aaron

do you have one single css file, or multiple css files? if multiple, are some of those files not being loaded (eg: a bad path?) in that case what is the url difference between the files being loaded vs not being loaded?