Custom Domain and CNAME

I have registered a domain and provided the CNAME, however, it isn't still working. I'm I doing anything incorrectly?

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Can I have multiple CNAMEs?

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If you want the website available at, the right CNAME would be

Prefix: 'www', Value: ''

It should look like this, when tested from Linux command line:

$  host is an alias for has address

But right now you have:

$  host is an alias for has address

Also you'll need to edit (pencil icon) at PA your webapp's name to include the 'www.' prefix!

also on the pythonanywhere webapp page, you want the domain to be instead of just

When I try to change the prefix to be www, I get an error, is it alright if I add an underscore to the beginning of the prefix as the websites wants to?

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I'm not sure, why they call this field as a "label", and why many (when it should be one, imho). I think it's somehow related to this: / configuring-a-cname-for-an-existing-subdomain / creating-a-cname-record-for-a-host-name-that-begins-with-an-underscore

I think the culprit is existing A/AAAA record for www. subdomain which blocks you from creating a CNAME with the same name as prefix. Sources: 1, 2

I have decided to end my hosting with 1&1 and have switched to GoDaddy. I am waiting for 1&1 to transfer my domain to my new provider. In the meantime, I have also bought the domain name

Below is the current setup wondering if this is correct?

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Changed the webapp domain to and the website is now working, how do I implement the ability for users to be able to redirect to my website when they type just, no www.

You can set that up with GoDaddy -- this is the appropriate help page on their site -- you need to use the "forward to any site" option.

Thanks, @giles, got it working just took a few hours

Glad you got it working :-)