Referral Program

Hello, I couldn't find information on a referral program you guys run. Basically, I'm a freelance developer and I use my free Python Anywhere Account to showcase demos for clients. When they're satisfied with the demo, I make them get a paid account then set their app up. I've gotten Python Anywhere like 3 or 4 paying clients this year alone, any rewards?

We do -- it's normally only enabled for paid accounts (the referral fees count against payments) but we can switch it on for your account.

The details of the referral program are on the terms and conditions page (search for "Affiliate scheme") but what it sums up to is:

  • We pay you a percentage of the money that the people you refer pay us -- currently 10%
  • The minimum payout is $10, which we can send to you over PayPal
  • There's a 60-day time between us receiving the money and you being able to "withdraw" it -- that's because people can cancel credit card payments during that time, so we don't really have the money until then.

One thing, before we switch it on -- are you operating as a VAT-registered business inside the EU? For tax-related reasons, we can't do affiliate payments if you are.

Hey Team,

does the Affiliate Program work If I‘m a private person living in the EU?

Sure! It's only an issue if you're a VAT-registered business in the EU. Private individuals are fine.

Hi giles, I'm running my web site as an independent developer in the US. Is it possible for my web site to provide a link where my visitors can sign up a PA account and have the account creation being tracked back to me for the referral program? Thank you!

If you go to your accounts page as a paying user you can get a referral link.

Thank you Conrad, I found the link


Can I ask you to enable the referral link also for my account? I'm using Python Anywhere to develop my projects and after the clients agree, they will buy a paid plan for their project.

Sure! Just one thing to check first, though -- are you operating as an EU vat-registered business? If so we can't enable the referral system, because the tax accounting becomes too complex.

I live in EU but I'm a private citizen and I don't own any company nor a vat-registered number.

Thank you

Okay, we have turned that on for you. Thanks!


A customer of mine is going to signup for a PA account. I've passed him the referral link that you have enabled in my account and navigating it he's moved to the PA home page. All the links to signup never pass my affiliate_id nor they ask for an affiliation code. How's this going to be used?

Thanks, bye

If someone visits our site using a referral code, we store the ID of the referrer into their session -- so if they later sign up, we can identify who the original referrer was.

ok thank you. They will buy very soon