Valgrind error with python


I am facing the problem python along with valgrind. I was getting default valgrind warnings messages. I have created the file does not have any code. I created empty py file to confirm that my code does not have any memory leaks.

Following is the valgrind command that I am using in command line: valgrind --leak-check=full --show-reachable=yes --error-limit=no --gen-suppressions=all --log-file=msm_suppress.log -v /home/arunspra/py_src/Python-2.7.5/python

I was getting plenty of valgrind warnings.

I surfed in the google and I got to know that i need to configure python by disabling pymalloc. As said by technical peoples, If pymalloc was disabled, we would not got any memory related errors. But i was getting the memory related error. Following is my command that i used to disable pymalloc:

./configure --without-pymalloc --with-pydebug make

Then I ran above said valgrind command. I was getting 1299 valgrind warnings. If i enable pymalloc, I was getting only 108 valgrind warnings.

Following is my software versions: Cent os: 7.3 Python: 2.7.5 Valgrind: 3.12.0

PS: If i configure and build python, i was getting an Import Error: No module named netifaces. I am using netifaces in my project. If i use system inbuilt python, i am not getting netifaces import error.

Can anyone please advice me to resolve this issue.

Hi there, we are a cloud platform for running python online, I don't think we can help you with issues compiling Python on CentOS...

I am facing python with valgrind. you may ignore centos for instance.