Not reloading


my site has been running smoothly for a while now. But today when I reload it still looks for the old bundle in static files. Even when I have deleted it. For the record, I have uploaded it and reloaded the site from Web tab. This thing works perfectly well on dev machine.

But complains about a file

This is old version. Now deleted even.

Not sure why. Please can you help.


Have you tried holding down shift while you click reload on the browser while viewing the site? Browsers can cache stuff excessively, and a force-reload like that will often fix the problem.

If that doesn't help, can I take a look at your files? We can see them from our admin interface, but we always ask for permission first.

Thanks Giles.

I think that was probably it. It seems to be working now. Appreciate you asking for permission. Good policy that.

Thank you for your prompt response and help.


No problem -- and I'm glad it's working now!