Favicon on masked forward godaddy domain


I wasn't able to find any comprehensive answer on this. Essentially, I am forwarding my godaddy domain to The forwarded version of the site, won't display the favicon.

After enquiring godaddy, I got this answer:

[...] the favicon feature depends on how you built your site, I recommend to use forward only for this to work or figure out how favicon will work on masking, this question can only be answered by your hosting provider since the site is not with godaddy.

Is there any known way around this?

Many thanks,

If you're doing a masked forward, then the favicon will be coming from GoDaddy's servers -- not sure why they say that it could be answered by us. With a masked forward, when a request goes out for, it goes to GoDaddy, and they respond with a really simple HTML page:


  <title> </title>
  <META name="description" content="Better Content"><META name="keywords" content="data journalism datos argentina united kingdom buenos aires">
<frameset rows="100%,*" border="0">
  <frame src="" frameborder="0" />
  <frame frameborder="0" noresize />

<!-- pageok -->
<!-- 08 -->
<!-- -->

As this is loaded from their servers, the browser will request the favicon from those servers too.

You have a paid PythonAnywhere account, so perhaps it would be better to set the site up so that it's hosted with us directly rather than using a masked forward? This help page should explain how to set it up

Thanks so much for your answer. I'm looking into this. I made the changes on my DNS provider.

I believe it looks fine after checking this service suggested, I hope you could confirm>>>

Now, I have two questions if you don't mind:

1 - Is it normal that I can't see the site running on this address at all?

2 - does not work currently -- should I assume that is a matter of propagation?

Thank you once again

Hello again, I think got this fixed, I needed to add the www. to the web app name, and restart the app. I'll look now at the options for naked domains, but that will be a different story. Thanks for your patience.

No problem, glad to help! Godaddy definitely have a domain redirect function that you can use for the naked domain -- this Stack Overflow post may be useful.

Oh, and in response to your question above

Is it normal that I can't see the site running on this address at all?

Yes, that's normal -- that address is just a pointer to one of our loadbalancers, and won't show your site.