Is considered a naked domain?

Is considered a naked domain? If so? what to do? There is no redirection in the registrar control panel!

Hmm, that's a good question! I'm not sure about how .sa domains work. Do people normally use things list Or does everyone use

Either way, if you send us an email with a screenshot of what you see in the registrar control panel, we can probably help out.

I changed the A record in the Zone Editor to this: 14400 IN A

Will this work?

P.S. is the nslookup of the CNAME given to me: in the web tab

It should work, but there are problems -- in particular, if we have to change the IP address of the loadbalancer associated with your website, you'll need to update your DNS. We aim to give notice of anything like that, but it could happen without warning in the case (for example) of a DoS attack.