Shared API rate limits?

I've been trying to use the Qwant images API at however I've mostly been running into 429 status codes (too many requests). This doesn't seem to be entirely related to my use of the API, as it is often a problem even if I make only one or two requests. Also it's not a problem when I run the same code on my local machine.

So I was wondering if the rate limit is shared among PythonAnywhere users. Maybe others are also using this API and collectively we're maxing out the limit?

Is that a possibility? Any suggestions?


Hmm, yes, it's a possibility if they're limiting per IP address. I'm can't think of an easy way around that, unless they have some way to make your limit per-user rather than per-IP address? Alternatively, you could use a proxy or something so that all of your requests come from your own private IP, but that would require getting the proxy from another company -- see this help page for more information.

Interesting. Thank you. I will try to figure out a way forward.

I appreciate your help!

No problem! Glad to help.