Image matching percentage

If i use opencv for image matching how can i show the matching percentage in web2py and show that image?

If i need matplotlib or opencv so how can i use it

In Python 2.7 (which is the only version that web2py supports) you can use "import cv2" to import the Python OpenCV bindings, then use it as per the OpenCV Python bindings documentation

I use cv2,some cv2 algorithm for detect.After detecting i use some formula to calculate matching percentage.But i can not show the result in the web2py apps.I can't understand it.

Do you have much experience with web2py? If not, it might be worth doing a tutorial for it first. Here's a link to the official one.

Not much.I am start learning web2py 1 month ago.Ok.But i am using sqlite for database.I kept image static folder.By when i am using source of its ,it gives me wrong like URL function required. After that it does not support length when i want to calculate the length of image dataset.But it can possible in python IDLE but web2py can't.But why?

Are you using the same version of opencv? Does the file you're trying to analyse exist? Is it where your code expects it to be?

My opencv version is 3.2.I create a python file in python Idle to calculate matching percentage by ORB_create().It works fine . But when same procedure i use in web2py it can not find module ORB_create() but can find ORB().But it does not give any result . Only it show a none result.

Are you sure that the version of opencv that web2py is using is the same?

I don't know

Ok. That is my main suspicion - that you have code for one version of opencv that you're trying to run on a different version.

Actually i ca not know which version of opencv of web2py using?How can i know it?

We only support opencv 2, so that's the version web2py will be using. You can check by opening a Python2.7 console:

>>> import cv2
>>> print(cv2.__version__)

Till i know above code is used for know the version of opencv is using in python Idle. In web2py how can i know the version of opencv?

But my opencv version is 3.2.0.In that case how can i solve my problem?

In web2py on PythonAnywhere you'll definitely be using OpenCV 2. When you're using IDLE on your local machine, you'll be using whichever version you have installed -- try running the code that Harry put in his last post to see what it is.

In web2py can i install opencv 3.2?

In web2py can i install opencv 3.2?

In web2py can i install opencv 3.2?

In web2py can i install opencv 3.2?

In web2py can i install opencv 3.2?

No, opencv 3 is not compatible with the libraries we have installed in our images.

In that case what can i do?Can you give any suggestion to solve this problem?

unfortunately you would not be able to use opencv3 currently.