Image transofrmation after upload

It is important to have unchanged image properties, since uploaded image should be processed further(OCR). However, it appears that uploaded image gives different output comparing with the same procedure on local Flask server. Is it possible to not transform image after uploading?

We don't apply any transformations to uploaded images. Is it possible that the version of some package that you're using is different on PythonAnywhere to the version you have on your local machine?

Hm, maybe that an issue, I haven't thought about this. Thanks

I am suspecting that on a local machine i used opencv2 package installed using conda, and on Pythonanywhere I've installed opencv-python ( using PIP. I guess that might be the case, but I am not sure. Does someone encountered such problem with openCV packages?

you have two diff versions of opencv installed then that could certainly affect what results you see