Newbie question about running files and killing consoles

I am just learning Python. I am just learning to use Python Anywhere. I have uploaded files and have run them.

When I want to run a new file, I upload it in the Files page, and then click on the file's link to open it and eventually run it.

When I want to run another file, I use the menu in the upper right corner to go to my Consoles or navigate by clicking on my user name in the path link in the upper left corner, and then click on the Consoles link to kill a console.

Is this the way to run multiple files by opening/running files, killing consoles and opening/running other files?

The way I personally tend to do it is to keep multiple browser tabs open; one with the editor for each file that I'm working on, and one bash console. Then, when I've made changes and saved them, I go to the bash console and use the "python3.6" (or "python2.7", or whatever) command to run them.

Thanks. I will try that.

Should be a way to run the console via archive...

What do you mean by that?