Forum Search?!?!?!?

As the number of topics and replies grows the ability to search the forums becomes more and more necessary.

Think of the new users you want to attract and how overwhelmed they would get if they tried to read the entirety of what is here. They may just give up and go elsewhere...but if they could search for what they want to know it would help them.

This has several benefits:

  • Encourage new comers that they don't have to try and read all the older entries.
  • Make it so people with a common question don't need to keep asking it over and over.
  • When you know you've seen an answer, but don't remember what it else can you find it quickly?
  • I'm sure there are others, but you get the idea...:) People with other ideas please add your points to a comment.

Yep, another good idea. Maybe a google custom search... $100 isn't too steep...