Grant Execute on procedure

I am trying to execute a stored procedure in mysql from my django app. I am getting the following error: "execute command denied to user 'rpuri'@'%' for routine 'style545.GetLooks'"

However, i can run this procedure just fine from mysql command line when logged in as my user 'rpuri' (and from mysqlworkbench when logged in as the same user). Googling this it was suggested that i grant execute permission on this procedure (which is funny, since i can run this in command line). When i tried to explicitly give my user permission , i get the following error:

mysql> GRANT EXECUTE ON PROCEDURE style545.GetLooks TO 'rpuri@%'; ERROR 1370 (42000): execute command denied to user 'rpuri'@'%' for routine 'style545.GetLooks'

So my question is why isn't the procedure running from the app when it runs fine from the command line. (All other models/queries from the app work fine so my is correct).

just to confirm, you are able to manually store procedures and manually execute stored procedures?

Yes, i can manually run the stored procedures using the same user.

that's very strange -- not sure what to look into next... maybe someone else has an idea? or it might be worth a post on stackoverflow?