Running two apps for main domain and subdomain

Hello all,

I run into an issue, when I probably will need to run two applications:

First - that will have its own functionality

Second - that will have totally different functionality

Is it possible to run two applications at the time? (I have a pain account for 1 domain). I know that I can run ONE app, that includes Blueprints where one will be with sub domain. But what about the way I need, that described above?

Thank you in advance!

The whole problem right now, that I need to have different login systems on "main" and "sub" domain. And when I'm talking about two apps, I mean two apps with specified parameter "SERVER_NAME"

So this way:

app1 - SERVER_NAME = "" app2 - SERVER_NAME = ""

Does it make any sense?

hi there, if you want to use two different domains, then you need to configure (and pay for) two different web apps. You can customise your plan at any time via the accounts page.

Thank for your answer, harry. But Sub domain is not a different domain. It is... a sub domain :)

Sure, but it's still two separate websites.