updating to latest version of web2py

Seems like my web2py site might have crashed during new console makeover as I made no changes. Not sure if crash was caused by malware; it's just that the timing with new console was coincidental.

  1. Not a problem since not in production yet, but if it is possible that the new console caused the crash, is it possible to avoid crashing sites in the future when changes occur? Seems that postGres db got corrupted.

  2. If I delete postGres and web2py site, and start from scratch deleting all files in all directories (a) would the latest version of web2py be installed? (b) Can I ask pythonAnywhere to sanitize after I delete, or even ask pythonAnywhere to delete everything and sanitize?


Alex Glaros

Hi there,

it's almost impossible to corrupt a postgres DB, but it's certainly possible that web2py got confused. Perhaps the web2py mailing list or forums would be the best place to start in trying to understand what's going on?

if you really want to start "from scratch", the best thing to do is probably just sign up for a new account.

we don't upgrade web2py when you reinstall it, no...