How to use Pythonanywhere for api subdomain only

Hi, I have a web app running for and it works as intended. But since the app's only purpose is to be a light API, I want to go to a WordPress site that I'll be hosting elsewhere (Bluehost) and requests to to be sent to the web app I have running on PA right now. That's all I want to change for the moment. I also need an SSL certificate, as I have now, for the api subdomain.

Is this doable? Thanks in advance.

yup- if you had setup the app for say, you can click the pencil (edit) icon on the webapps tab to change it to you will also have to change your cname stuff accordingly (instead of the www cname pointing to the pythonanywhere url, it would be the api cname). You would also need to generate a new cert for instead of

Thanks for the reply. I'll try it out and follow up with you if I get stuck. :)