MySQL WorkBench SSH Connection Failure Mac OS X

Hey everyone,

I have been struggling to connect into a MySQL Database hosted on PythonAnywhere using MySQL WorkBench. I have configured the connection exactly in line with the instructions at the following link:

MySQL WorkBench is installed on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I receive the following error messages when attempting to test the connection:

"SSH connection failed. Check your SSH connection settings and whether the SSH server is up. Error: timed out" (after about 10 seconds) followed by "Test Connection. Error could not determine remote OS details".

I have ensured my mac user profile is allowed remote login access via system prefs > sharing and have also ensured my DBMS_Connection keep alive interval setting is set to 200.

I'm stumped tbh. Probably something super noobed on my local mac but I can't figure it out.

Any help would be very much appreciated :)



SSH authentication is case-sensitive, and I see your username is mixed-case: JascroS. Are you specifying it with that case in MySQL Workbench? If not, that might be the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion giles. I double checked my set up on MySQL Workbench and confirm my username is an exact match (all characters have correct case) with my PythonAnywhere username. Still no joy :(

That's strange! As you're on a Mac, what happens if in a terminal you run the following command:

ssh -vvv

...? If you get a password prompt, try entering your PythonAnywhere website login password, and see if you get a bash console inside your PythonAnywhere account.

Hi giles, thanks for your reply. The command successfully produced a bash console inside my PythonAnywhere account. Still no luck connecting via MySql WorkBench

OK, at least that shows that SSH works :-) Could you sent us a screenshot of your MySQL workbench connection settings? Just email it to