Why is it PostgreSQL support on PA costs extra?

Hi everyone!

I'm just starting to make use your service and familiarize with it. So far, I really like it a lot! Especially that everything is described briefly but yet sufficient to not get stuck.

But the one thing which I do not get so far: Why is it that even the Free Beginner accounts can have a MySQL DB for free, but for PostgreSQL, you have to pay? Based on what I know both are completely free and based on my experience, neither it is more complex to maintain a PostgreSQL system compared to a MySQL one, nor is PostgreSQL more resource - hungry.

Best regards, Marc

It's because of the way we have the MySQL server vs the Postgres server setup.

For MySQL, it is multi-tenanted (ie. you are using the same MySQL server as other people who are just accessing the same server as different users), so sometimes you may suffer from a noisy neighbor etc.

We did not take this approach for Postgres (partly because we believe there is less good support for postgres multi-tenancy), and instead you get your own Postgres server running inside of your own docker container. This way, you can be the admin user (MySQL users won't get admin rights and for example won't be able to do db triggers) and do stuff like create your own users, enable plugins etc. (Although to be clear you still don't get root / there may be stuff you can't install etc on Postgres)

(and that basically makes Postgres way more resource hungry)