live web2py app doesn't reflect the changes I made

Hello, I'm updating a web2py application that can be accessed here: I've edit some of the files : /home/iqbalbaskara/web2py_laras/applications/larasnlp/controllers/ /home/iqbalbaskara/web2py_laras/applications/larasnlp/views/do/classify.html

No matter what I did on those files, the changes won't show on the live version. What might be the problem here?

PS: I've tried editing other files on another domain, and the edits show right away.

ADDITIONAL INFO: I successfully edit another file in a different application, only the files in this application seem to be resilient to change.

Nevermind, found the cause, the application was compiled. To anyone experiencing the same, just open the web2py admin application, and click remove compiled application.

That sounds odd. Have you been reloading the website from the "Web" tab when you make the changes? Or from the editor?

hi giles, it's now updated just fine, all i had to do was to remove the compiled app from the web2py admin panel.

but as one problem is down, another arise, now I cannot use session in my web2py application. assigning any variable - value pair doesn't do anything. so maybe if you know anything about this?

No sure about that. Perhaps there is some config you need to enable sessions in web2py. I would think the web2py documentation would be a good place to start.