I/O Threading

Was hoping to use a simple thread queue to make a bunch of SOAP calls all at once (or at least 10 or so at a time)> I've done some digging and see that thread is disabled on the platform. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Running my ~300 calls synchronous makes my web app almost unusable. Would like to avoid importing the entire db back end I'm using on a scheduled task since the data is edited often. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Hmm, that's tricky. I know you said you'd rather not use a scheduled task, but perhaps you could schedule it very frequently? For example, if you had the same script scheduled multiple times as an hourly task at 0 past the hour, 1 past the hour, 2 past the hour, and so on, it could run once a minute (you'd need more scheduled tasks than the default, but we can set that up for you).

would a thread pool via the multiprocess library work?

Probably not inside your website's code; it would work fine from inside a scheduled task.