Something went wrong - Error code: Unhandled Exception

I'm trying to setup a website for my domain, but I keep getting: Error code: Unhandled Exception. My error and server logs are completely empty, so I don't know where to start debugging. I don't get any additional messages from my webapp page or anything.

Sorry about that -- sometimes when a domain is deleted from one account and re-created inside another one, the logs don't move over correctly. I've patched things up and your error log is now showing a stack trace.

Awesome thanks for that. I should be able to debug it from here.

Great! Just let us know if you have any issues.

hi sir, i have the same issue but i dont know how to resolve it

Have you looked at the error logs for your website? There's a link on the "Web" page, and the most recent error message will be at the bottom of the file.

There was an error loading your PythonAnywhere-hosted site. There may be a bug in your code. Error code: Unhandled Exception. How to rectify it sir?

Have you checked your web app's error log yet?