Webapp not updating after reload

This is bit weird and I have been banging my head against it for a couple of days.

When I update the code base using git pull, the code is updated without any errors. I even see the changes in the files. However reloading the app does nothing and I am still stuck at version of the app two days ago even though the git head in PA has moved up by 4 counts.

So the problem is code changes are not served on live app. There are no errors whatsoever. Not in error log or in bash console. This is new. I haven't experienced this before here.

Am I missing something? git pull followed by app reload has worked perfectly so far and I can not understand why it should stop working.


oh..forgot to mention my app address.


Also the changes I am talking about are in javascript files served statically. The files are uptpdate but the app is not

hi there, two things to check:

  1. if you're using django, you probably need to run collectstatic
  2. make sure you clear your browser cache

these debugging tips may also help?

Thanks for your message.

I am using Django and instead of setting STATIC_ROOT, I am using STATIC_URL = '/assets/'

STATICFILES_DIRS = ( os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'assets'), )

In the web tab, I have

URL Directory
/assets/ /home/hawkeye/pydev/theProject/assets

These settings help me avoid running collectstatic as I am serving all the files from this directory rather than copying them somewhere else. This has worked perfectly well so far and I never had to run collectstatic before. In fact, it throws error saying I haven't set STATIC_ROOT in

This started happening after I pointed my own domain to the web app. It was working fine before. I tried to rename my app to the earlier name and reloaded but it didn;t work. So not sure if there is a cause there.

Also, I cleared browser cache and also tried it in chrome, firefox and IE. Same problem.

OK, can you follow the debugging steps here and share a specific example with the 3 pieces of information required?

I can actually see and access the static files So, the three pieces are /home/hawkeye/pydev/theProject/assets/js/components/plotEQRR.js

URL Directory /assets/ /home/hawkeye/pydev/theProject/assets

I see the most updated version of the file as it should be in the browser. The only problem is it is not the same code that is run in the app. The app serves version which is much older.

so one explanation would be that the app isn't using the version that's being served by the static files system? can you share a link to an example page from the app that references plotEQRR.js?

oh..I just realized I was doing something incredibly dumb.

I had updated copies of the code but not the webpack bundle. After updating it everything works fine now.

Sorry I wasted your time and thanks a bunch for your patience and help

No problem -- and glad you worked it out!