share link to jupyter notebook

Is it possible to get a share link to a Jupyter notebook? If I open a regular text file, there is a share link at the top, but it's not there with a Jupyter notebook. If I could get a public url to a Jupyter notebook document, I could put that into and have a relatively easy way to share Jupyter notebooks with other people who don't have python installed.

If anybody knows of another way to accomplish sharing of notebooks, I would also be interested in that. I found a topic about sharing editable notebooks, and I agree that that would be amazing, but for now, I would be happy enough with an easy way to share viewable notebooks.

We don't allow sharing at the moment because we haven't worked out how to do it securely.

Thanks! But isn't security mostly a problem if you want other people to edit the file? There are no security issues if you just let us share a url to the ipynb file that other people can download, right? No viewing/editing necessary. That would be enough to open them in nbviewer.

Hi there, if you browse to the folder containing your notebook via the Files tab, then right-click on the little "download" icon download icon and click download as, that'll give you the raw file which you can share with someone.

You can also use a tool called "nbconvert" to convert a notebook to an HTML file which you can share with someone or use in a webapp:

Thanks, that's kind of what I was doing. I downloaded the file, uploaded to a webhost, and then pointed nbviewer to that url. But it's so cumbersome (every time I edit my code I have to remember to download and upload it), and it seems like I should be able to get a public link to my .ipynb file? But it seems like this is not possible, so I just made a tiny bottle app that does this, and that works too.

Glad you worked out a solution!

The reason we don't make notebooks shareable is that they're hosted on, and so any JavaScript running inside them has access to cookies for that domain. This means that someone could set up a notebook that stored the cookies somewhere (say, on pastebin), and then make that notebook public. They could then embed the notebook inside various pages on the Internet, which would mean that the PythonAnywhere account of anyone visiting those pages would be compromised. It's a hard problem to solve.