CNAME not detected


I bought a domain from and have it set up to redirect to my site as mentioned in the web tab DNS setup: How to point your domain at your website.


I also followed the instructions at the link below and set up as mentioned

Now when I open in my browser, I see a 301 request from in chrome dev tools followed by a 404 at In my browser window I see the url

So the url is definitely being followed but PA serves coming soon! page.

Also, gives Error: Token mismatch But I have looked it up and it seems most do not have any problems actually rendering their sites despite having this error on the above page.

Also, directly visiting also gives me the the same coming soon! page. What am I missing?

You have your cname setup incorrectly with your dns registrar. After setting up a webapp called, you can check if your cname is setup correctly here.

If correct, you should see the following record:

Domain Name:
Cannonical Name:

Note the www on the domain name.

If there is no record or any parts are incorrect, then you will need to go back to your domain registrar and change the settings there.

Also note that updating the cname record may take time (eg: 5min+) for the change to propagate.

See here for more info.