Server Locations

Hey there,

As I'm developing my second web app I am concurrently doing an SEO course to learn how to optimize it for search engines.

One thing I discovered is that where the server is located does have an impact on your SEO. My second web app is 100% focused on the UK market. However by researching previous related posts I found you only offer servers in US East. Is this correct? If so, do you have any plans on offering other locations in the very near future?

I ask only because I love working with PythonAnywhere and would hate to have to find another host for my second web app, which I'm afraid I will have to if we can't find a solution for this.

Many thanks in advance

we don't have any immediate plans to start providing servers in other regions, no. Totally understand if that means you have to move on. But i'd be a bit suspicious of wild and unverifiable claims about SEO if I was you!

Hey @harry, is it possible to configure a PythonAnywhere webapp to use an external CDN? From what I've read if I can get my static files to load from the UK that should significantly improve page load speeds and SEO. Amazon have a free tier of CDN with S3 which would be perfect.

As I already mentioned I would love to keep using PA, especially after this awesome redesign!

That's definitely possible. I use cloudflare myself. Nowadays usually the CDN will inspect your cname etc dns records and then automatically set everything up for you. If not, you may have to manually configure it. The only gotcha is that on the webapp page, it will complain that it can't see cname records pointing to You can safely ignore this.