Scraping/datamining error because using a proxy

Hello, I have not set up proxies explicitly in my scrapy settings folder or anything. TunnelError: Could not open CONNECT tunnel with proxy proxy.server:3128

I am running into an error when running my scraper from bash with python 2.7

Anybody have experience with this?

Thanks, Daveyman123

when i do curl ?lat=38.50227&lng=-90.33549&location=63129 [1] 25582 [2] 25583 [2]+ Done lng=-90.33549

I get the following error:

21:59 ~/competition $ curl: (56) Received HTTP code 403 from proxy after CONNECT

Nevermind I found this

apparently I need to upgrade my account. Would I need to make changes after upgrading or just able to run straight away?

Thanks, DM123

Any new consoles would work. (equivalently you would have to reload your webapp etc if this is webapp code)

thank you conrad. I am learning more and more about pythonanywhere every day