Postgres DB


I have a few questions regarding Postgres and django, if anyone can help.

I set up a database and user name through the postgres console eg. myDatabaseName, myUsername. I set up a superuser using the in the bash console, myUsername.

I have set up my models and migrated them, and can see and access the tables in the admin site.

  1. Are the tables/data that i can access on the admin site stored on the Postgres database i created through the postgres console? Are they separate db's? Struggling to find how they are connected as I would like to use SQL to insert data, etc.

  2. Is there a pgAdmin UI that can be used for the Postgres database or is it console only?

  3. For inserting and updating data on the database can I use SQL (hoping not console only), or is it only a populating script in python?

  4. To add/update entries to the admin site database (assuming this is hte same postgres db i created), can i execute SQL commands using psycopg2 via python script?

Many Thanks

  1. If that's the database that you've configured DJango to use, then yes.
  2. No, it's console only
  3. Yes, you can use SQL
  4. Yes, you can