Multiple servers

Hi there! I'm required to make a small project consisting basically on creating some 'chemical reactions'. I need like 4 cloud servers, which should be the chemical elements(Na, Cl, H) and a client which asks for the reaction(Na+Cl). One of the servers should receive from the client, communicate with other servers in order to get the result and one servers sends to the client the result. Can this be done here? How many free cloud servers do I have with a free account ? If i need to buy an account, what is the proper one, that can offer me 4 cloud servers?

how do you intend to code this?

Well i have some ideas, but the idea is that i don't know if i'm able to manage more cloud servers here, on python anywhere

I'm a bit confused about the "cloud servers" terminology here. do you mean having multiple different webapps/domain names? in that case, yes that is possible.