Wordpress, web2py app and PythonAnywhere

I'd like to integrate a web2py application into my wordpress website under the same domain name. Would PythonAnywhere host them together?

that probably wouldn't be possible.

I have the same needing. My idea is to register an hosting space with Apache and Linux where install WordPress (this is easy) and point the mysql database on PythonAnywhere via SSH (this is the difficult part).

I can't find an hosting that let users point an external database, so I guess if it is possible.

You could perhaps do it using a VPS -- you could install Apache/Wordpress there, and then run an SSH tunnel using the command at the bottom of this help page. It would require a paid PythonAnywhere account for the SSH, though -- and you'd need to know how to set up the SSH tunnel on the VPS so that it would run constantly and be restarted if the server was rebooted, which would require some Linux sysadmin knowledge.