I tried to build .pyx module using Cython. However, gcc is not available. What could be done in this situation?

We don't include a C compiler at the moment. There's quite a lot of stuff to get right with libraries and headers and so on. I'll upvote the ticket for you, though.

Thank you very much! Ability to building python extensions could be improve pythonanyware very much!

Is there any chance that I could build an extension module locally on a compatible system and then upload it?

I have to be clearer to the previous question was more realistic at this time. There are extension modules, which are sufficient to be build using python library and the standard C-libraries.

I think that could work if you got the architecture correct. AMD64...

If you use setuptools to create your module, you can create a dumb binary package as described here. Then you should be able to unpack it in ~/.local and have it work.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Is python2.7 was built with UCS2?

I ask because of an error when tried to import my extension module: ...... undefined symbol: _PyUnicodeUCS4_IsDecimalDigit

Yes, it was. We'll have a discussion and do some research to see whether it's a better idea for us to build with UCS4. It looks like the default on Ubuntu is UCS4, so I'm thinking we'll probably switch to that.

I was built my module in debian/wheezy/amd64 if it matters.

Thanks. Glenn's updating the Python build today, so our next release (later on this week, if it doesn't break anything) will have the UCS4 support.

Great! Thank you very much!